“M&T is local and they support the community tremendously.”

“We need personal, personal customer service. And M&T Bank offers that.”

“When we look at M&T and their contributions to the community, it so resonates in our school”

“We’ve been with M&T for 107 years”

“M&T provided that bridge loan for us, in order for cash flow to happen in our company.”

“M&T Bank really cares... they really care.”

“They understood the business, they trusted us.”

“We share the philosophy of how we treat our customers”

“M&T was our partner in every sense of the word”

“It’s inspiring to have a partner like M&T because I know it’s important to them that great art comes to life”

“We’ve been with M&T Bank for over three decades”

“They were there for my father, they’ll be there for me—I trust them enormously”

“Over 65 years of business being with the bank, but it’s never taken for granted, it’s always ‘what can we do for you’”

“They’re willing to really walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.”

“If you have vision and you have good partners like M&T, it’s amazing what you can accomplish”

“They understand us, our business and the people we serve”

“They shared our pride and wanted to serve right alongside us”

“M&T has the same philosophy as me — service.”

“It sort of feels like that old hometown banking.”

“It's been a great relationship.”

“They take the time to come out and walk and be part of our business model.”

“M&T continues to…have people available…honestly interested in our business.”

"It's more like a friendship than a business relationship...I believe that."

"M&T always came through for me. They want to be your partner.”

"It's a relationship... about better understanding what we do and how they can help.."

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